Media and Content Identification

Find media fragments in large archives. Consolidate copies and duplicates to save storage. Block unlicensed content on media sharing and streaming platforms to prevent copyright violation. Live and offline.

Broadcast Monitoring

Track content like music and commercials on TV and radio stations. Live and offline.

Audio Watermarking

Inset transparent markers into your content, track its distribution, and trace copyright infringement.

Media Synchronization

Synchronize recordings in post-production from consumer and pro equipment without genlock, wordclock, timecode.

Second Screen Synchronization

Content augmentation, accessibility, AR enablement in live and replay scenarios.

Virtual Wordclock for Live Events

Insert transparent timecode through the audio channel into all recordings made by crew and crowd, and apply sample-precise synchronization in post-production.

Reverse EDL / Cut List Generation

Generate audio and video cut lists between raw, master, and cut versions, analyze differences between variants.

Media and Metadata Transfer

Transfer media tracks and timed metadata between different cuts (e.g., audio languages, subtitles).

Open Source

Aurio: Audio Fingerprinting Library for .NET

An audio processing and retrieval library for .NET with a focus on fingerprinting algorithms. It features excellent implementations of 4 of the most well known fingerprinting methods (Shazam, Philips, EchoPrint by EchoNest/Spotify, ChromaPrint of MusicBrainz), along with a high-performance audio processing pipeline and many other audio processing functionality. It also serves as a toolbox to develop managed audio processing algorithms and tools, including custom fingerprinting methods.

The library is licensed under the AGPLv3 and available for free. Protyposis provides commercial support, development and custom licensing.

AudioAlign: Automatic Synchronization of Media Recordings

Software for the automatic temporal synchronization of any number of audio and video clips. Based on Aurio and licensed under the same terms.


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