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Picturesque is a Flickr-like photo album and sharing platform with community features. It supports assigning and reading of various picture metadata (descriptions, tags, EXIF), automatic preprocessing of uploaded pictures, picture color analysis and autotagging, Lucene search, user and rights management, activity auditing and various download options. Easily customizable, in both function and design. Default UI template based on Bootstrap and jQuery, working on all kinds of screen sizes and devices. Multilingual, static pages with markdown support. Runs on Laravel/PHP and can be scaled from small installations to big systems with distributed databases, batchjobs and storage.

Aurio: Audio Fingerprinting Library for .NET

An audio processing and retrieval library for .NET with a focus on fingerprinting algorithms. It features excellent implementations of 4 of the most well known fingerprinting methods (Shazam, Philips, EchoPrint by EchoNest/Spotify, ChromaPrint of MusicBrainz), along with a high-performance audio processing pipeline and many other audio processing functionality. It also serves as a toolbox to develop managed audio processing algorithms and tools, including custom fingerprinting methods.

The library is licensed under the AGPLv3 and available for free. Protyposis provides commercial support, development and custom licensing.

AudioAlign: Automatic Synchronization of Media Recordings

Software for the automatic temporal synchronization of any number of audio and video clips. Based on Aurio and licensed under the same terms.

Android Spectaculum

Spectaculum is a hardware accelerated view for visual content on Android. It supports everything from single pictures to 360° VR video out-of-the-box, comes with a nice interface for realtime shader effects and is compatible with lots of video players, including the Android MediaPlayer, MediaPlayer-Extended, and ExoPlayer.

Released under the Apache 2.0 license and available for free. Protyposis provides commercial support and development.

Android MediaPlayer-Extended

MediaPlayer-Extended is a drop-in replacement for Android API's MediaPlayer and VideoView with enhanced functionality: Frame-exact seeking, playback speed adjustment, DASH streaming, and separate audio/video sources.

Released under the Apache 2.0 license and available for free. Protyposis provides commercial support and development.


Protyposis Multimedia Solutions is a venture of Mario Guggenberger in Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, Austria. Multimedia-focused software development and research for the desktop, web, and Android. Specialization in image/audio/video coding, processing, and analysis. 15 years of experience.

Protyposis is art in computer science. The art of solving problems, improving the state of things, and ultimately making life easier. Each project of Protyposis improves everyday life, be it the life of a developer, administrator or end user.


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